Octaflame Gasifier

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Text Box: Octaflame Gasifier Design Features
Text Box: uManufactured in the USA.
uConstructed of stainless steal.
uMultiple cell design connected to a manifold.
uAbility to shut down one cell while continuing to operate the others.
uAbility to add cells for growth.
uMetered fuel infeed designed per application.
uInterlocking block refractory.
uFloating grate.
uMechanical shaker.
uManifold secondary pre-heat chamber.
uAutomatic ash removal.
Text Box: Octaflame Gasifier Operation Features
Text Box: uOperational training.
uNatural gas ignition (optional).
uSite glass tubes.
uIndividual cell PLC control.
uManual overrides.
uGasifier and manifold easy access doors (safety locked).
Text Box: uOptimum fuel moisture content- thermal conveyor
uOptimum volume of fuel – scale sensitive loading
uOptimum fuel size – hydraulic densification
uOptimum primary air temperature – preheated chamber
uOptimum primary air volume – tuned intake manifold
uOptimum fuel pile reflectivity – eight refractory panels
uOptimum secondary chamber turbulence – tweres
uOptimum secondary air temperature – after burner ignition
Text Box: Octaflame Gasifier - 8 Principles of Combustion